My relationship with music began over 20 years ago when I first picked up a violin at the young age of 4. Efforts to quit were regularly thwarted by my mother and little did I know, sticking with it would garner Grammy and Dove award recognition, proving to be much more valuable than simply the notes that came from it.


During my freshman year of high school, I came across Dr. Dre’s ‘2001’ album and my curiosity into the world of music production suddenly ignited. Inheriting a prehistoric copy of Fruity Loops I began writing music that was simply awful, but never giving up, I kept going, studying, and growing. There was a determination to offer something fresh, something that could incorporate my love for nearly every style of music.


Friends and collaborators have often referred to me as a chameleon, constantly switching between urban, pop and orchestral landscapes. I simply look to write from an overflow of my personal experiences and interactions. Joy and pain, success and failure, people and God- it all plays a role in the sonic architecture I create, and I’m flattered when people resonate with it.



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